Available WebParts in SharePoint 2019 Preview vs Office 365

Below a comparaison of available SharePoint 2019 webparts and Office 365 WebParts available in SharePoint 2019 Preview Missing WebParts compared to Office 365 (As of 02 08 2018 in SharePoint 2019 Preview) Category Text, media, and content Kindle instant preview Category Discovery Sites Category Communication and collaboration Group Calendar Microsoft Forms Twitter Category Planning and... Continue Reading →


Install and Configure SharePoint 2019 Public Preview – For SharePoint Administrators

Introduction This tutorial will show you how to install SharePoint 2019. It is for SharePoint administrators. Disclaimer : It is not following best practices to design a farm, it is just to test the preview version ! (Example : the mysite host should be in a separated web application) It assumes : you have the... Continue Reading →

Top 10 reasons why I hate Office 365

Things can be achieved in dozen different ways, we've gotta understand pros and cons There are dozen tools to learn from As a developer you’ve get to learn modern languages There are thousand of videos to watch and blog articles to read from The community is huge so there is too much creativity to be... Continue Reading →

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