Customize the SharePoint listform (newform, editform, listform) with custom controls and javascript

This is the Visual studio version for SharePoint 2013 that i created of this initial code plex project

“Out of the box, Microsoft SharePoint has a very rich set of features, but sometimes you need more, or something a little different, to meet the needs of your project. This article will discuss various methods of presenting the UI for SharePoint list forms, such as the New, Edit, and Display forms used when adding an item to a list, or viewing and editing items.”

This include modifications of Create form only.

To activate the feature :

1. Activate site collection feature named “Code Project List Forms Demo”

2. Create a list based on the list definition named : “CP Project Redering Template Def”

3. The create form will contain the text from the user control “UserControl1” that you can customize, and also from : CPRenderingTemplate (which is the template of the form with save button etc)

[SharePoint deployment] WSP deployment stuck at Deploying


In central administratioon WSP package deployment stuck on “Planned on “specific date”


  1. Make sure SharePoint Timer service is running on every web front server (access it though service.msc)
  2. Check that every web frontal servers reply to ping (ping from each server)
  3. Make sure no web.config file is opened
  4. Start everyapplication pool
If that doesn’t help :
  1. Go in central administration : Delete every jobs that are trying to deploy wsp (in jobs status)

Votre sauvegarde provient d’une autre version de Microsoft SharEPOint foundation…


Parcours :

  • Export d’une collection de site pour restaurer le site sur une autre ferme grâce aux commandes :
    • Backup-SPSite et Restore-SPSite sur une web application

Erreur : Votre sauvegarde provient d’une autre version de Microsoft SharEPOint foundation et ne peut être restaurée sur un serveur exécutant la version actuelle.

Résolution :

  1. Mettre à jour la plateforme cible au même niveau de CU  / Language Pack
  2. Lancer l’assistant de configuration SharePoint
  3. Recréer le web application
  4. Restauration fonctionnelle !!