[Bug – Visual Studio] Crashing when using big CSS


Big css crashing in Visual studio is a known issue with Visual Studio 2011 :

Solution :

  1. Copy the Css on the website : http://www.codebeautifier.com/
  2. Check the checkbox : Preserve CSS
  3. Check the checkbox : Standard compression
  4. Paste the CSS in Visual Studio css file, and it should work (with Notepad, not with visual Studio

[Applications & Operating System] Visual Studio Beta 2011 & Windows 8 Consumer Preview


Visual Studio 11 Beta

Download link

What’s new in Visual Studio 2011 for Microsoft SharePoint 2010?

Check the msdn link to see the improvement for SharePoint 2010

I tried VS2011 for SharePoint Projects, and it deploys really slowly the project… It is still a beta, don’t use it professionnally.


Windows 8 Consumer Preview


Check that TheVerge website for a test of Windows 8 Consumer Preview

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