Troubleshoot SharePoint on Premise High CPU Usage 100% – Part 1


For one of my customer, I had to troubleshoot a high CPU Usage because of w3wp.exe process taking most of the cpu (100%), causing slowness.

How to find out the root cause ? Which component is causing the problem ?

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[SharePoint 2010 – Developpement & Administration] Getting started with Sharepoint 2010 : useful Tools

In order to help you to build and debug your sharepoint, you’ll need some tools

Sharepoint Manager 2010 (object model explorer)

A great tool permitting you to explore your Sharepoint Websites, content types, fields, library :
There is a 2007 version available

Caml Builder

Generate CAML Query in a simply way

[EDIT 04/02/2012]

 View Sharepoint Log in a better way :

Those log viewers enable the filtering, sorting function, really useful to search an error from its correlation ID

Uls Viewer

See logs of sharepoint in a better way. It also permits you to only display the errors, and search correlation id link to the error message

and even better

SharePoint LogViewer

Same functions as Uls viewer, but the presentation is much better

[SharePoint 2010 – Developpement] Getting started with Visual Studio Tools for Sharepoint 2010

In order to help you to build your sharepoint, you’ll need some Visual Studio Tools

Generate page layout from a content type


When you create a Page layout heriting from a content type and you want to display the metadata on the page, you could use this great extension for Visual studio in order to generate the page layout.
Here a post from Waldek MastyKarz to explain how it works

Cks Dev Server

Add of lot of feature really useful, the one I use :

  • Permit you to generate page code for site definition (onet.xml)
  • Reboot IIS
  • Create Site definition in my current project, instead of creating a Site definition Project
  • etc

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