Office 365 Adoption Pack – Step by step setup guide

How to configure the Office 365 Adoption Pack that gives you an understanding over your company Office 365 Usage ! This tutorial let you get this beautiful power bi dashboard in 2 steps, though it takes few hours to complete as enabling it takes time. 1. Navigate to Office 365 and enable analytics being sent to... Continue Reading →


[SharePoint 2010 – Developpement & Administration] Getting started with Sharepoint 2010 : useful Tools

In order to help you to build and debug your sharepoint, you’ll need some tools Sharepoint Manager 2010 (object model explorer)A great tool permitting you to explore your Sharepoint Websites, content types, fields, library : is a 2007 version availableCaml BuilderGenerate CAML Query in a simply way[EDIT 04/02/2012] View Sharepoint Log in a better way... Continue Reading →

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