Customize the SharePoint listform (newform, editform, listform) with custom controls and javascript

This is the Visual studio version for SharePoint 2013 that i created of this initial code plex project "Out of the box, Microsoft SharePoint has a very rich set of features, but sometimes you need more, or something a little different, to meet the needs of your project. This article will discuss various methods of presenting... Continue Reading →


[SharePoint 2010 – Error fixing] Content By Query WebPart, display items links with wrong URL

You are programmatically creating a ContentQueryWebPart and when you test the solution, you try to click on an item link and you get a : “404 NOT FOUND” page errorThe error :The Content By Query Webpart displays items url as :http://jeff/sites/test/News/Lists/Posts/1_.000 orhttp://jeff/sites/test/News/Lists/Posts/2_.000  Solution :When you programmatically create the CQWP, you need to set the attribute... Continue Reading →

[SharePoint 2010 Developpement] Getting started with SharePoint 2010 Developpement, thanks to SharePoint 2010 – 101 Codes Samples (MSDN)

Microsoft has published a SharePoint 2010 Code sample pack. Containing 101 Codes samples !If I had that when i began to learn SharePoint, it would have saved me a lot of time.Language are C# and VB, for SharePoint on premise AND Online !!Some of really useful features are, for a sharepoint developper :Programmatically create masterpage... Continue Reading →

[SharePoint 2010 – Error Fixing] SPException invalid date/time (Erreur : Valeur de date/d’heure non valide. Un champ de date/d’heure contient des données non valides. Vérifiez la valeur, puis réessayez)

What did i try to do ?I’m creating SPListItem Programmatically (create elements in a list) and when the item.update(); is called by the code, the following error is thrown :“Erreur : Valeur de date/d’heure non valide.Un champ de date/d’heure contient des données non valides. Vérifiez la valeur, puis réessayez”or in english :“SPException : invalid date/time…”What... Continue Reading →

[SharePoint 2010 – Developpement] Allow embedded youtube video in blog post content (as content editor webpart), with new embedded youtube code (iframe) for SharePoint 2010 blog post

What is that ?Based on this excellent tutorial from kirk Evans : This will allow you to add youtube video in a blog content. Basic sharepoint feature permit you to add the video by modifying the HTML code, from the Insert HTML button of sharepoint, but that is not really user friendly. Preview, on... Continue Reading →

[SharePoint 2010] – Cumulative Update December Issues –Document content type is missing after programmatically have created Content Type

Issues : After patching SharePoint 2010, with the cumulative Update of December, you could get some issues if you created custom content type by Visual Studio, using programmatically method (C#) : The document content type is missing The error prompting on sharepoint is : 0x0101 is missingThe element content type is missing : The error... Continue Reading →

[SharePoint 2010 – Developpement Informations] SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges informations

SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges launch the code with the administrator account of SharePoint.Thought it could tell you during the execution : "Access denied" or :UnauthorizedAccessException was unhandled by user code0x80070005Make sure you have sufficient privileges to access this resource. If you are attempting to access a file, make sure it is not readonly...Make sure you re-open a new... Continue Reading →

[SharePoint 2010 – Developpement] Publish and approve file programmatically sharepoint 2010

I created a module which deploy a file (itemStyle for a ContentQueryWepPart), and i wanted to publish and approve it directly programmatically.In the feature of your module :Create an event ReceiverAdd this code : 1: public override void FeatureActivated(SPFeatureReceiverProperties properties) 2: { 3: publishItemStyle(properties); 4: } 5:  6: private void publishItemStyle(SPFeatureReceiverProperties properties) 7: { 8:... Continue Reading →

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