SharePoint 2016 Features Standard vs Enterprise Comparaison (filterable, colors)

 How to recommend a SharePoint license based on what the user want ? This excel file could help to choose the license for SharePoint 2013 / 2016. Hope it helps,


Customize the SharePoint listform (newform, editform, listform) with custom controls and javascript

This is the Visual studio version for SharePoint 2013 that i created of this initial code plex project "Out of the box, Microsoft SharePoint has a very rich set of features, but sometimes you need more, or something a little different, to meet the needs of your project. This article will discuss various methods of presenting... Continue Reading →

Personnaliser l’affichage mobile pour SharePoint 2010 – Personalize sharepoint 2010 mobile website

Introduction  La mobilité dans SharePoint 2010 permet depuis un mobile, d'afficher le site sharepoint 2010 sous forme simplifiée. Cet article est un retour d’expérience sur les possibilités de personnalisation du site mobile pour SharePoint 2010. Accès au site mobile : L'accès à ce site se fait automatiquement depuis le mobile. On peut forcer l'accés en saisissant /m à la fin... Continue Reading →

SharePoint 2013 Preview Download / Téléchargement de SharePoint 2013

Steve ballmer announced SharePoint 2013 Preview. The webcast is available here.Installation files : SharePoint Foundation 2013 SharePoint Server 2013 Office WebApps 2013 SharePoint Designer 2013 Language Pack SharePoint Foundation 2013 Language Pack SharePoint Server 2013 Language Pack Office WebApps 2013 Documentation :SharePoint 2013 Upgrade process SharePoint 2013 training for developers SharePoint 2013 presentation IT Official... Continue Reading →

[SharePoint 2013] Features overview for Developpers

Microsoft Published (now it’s deleted), a features overview for developpers •         Provide an overview of the new features, functional areas, and product enhancements in SharePoint 15. •         Summarize the key features of the SharePoint 15 application development platform and describe the key features of Marketplaces. •         Explain what a SharePoint-Hosted app is, and describe... Continue Reading →

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