SharePoint alert wouldn’t send emails to active directory security group

If you have SharePoint groups with AD group security in it and you set an alert for this group, the email wouldn’t send.

Check those steps :

  1. The application pool account has to be a domain account
  2. The security groupe needs read access on the list
  3. Create a distribution list e-mail in outlook server and uncheck the box “check the user”

Personnaliser l’affichage mobile pour SharePoint 2010 – Personalize sharepoint 2010 mobile website

La mobilité dans SharePoint 2010 permet depuis un mobile, d’afficher le site sharepoint 2010 sous forme simplifiée.

Cet article est un retour d’expérience sur les possibilités de personnalisation du site mobile pour SharePoint 2010.

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[Architecture] Size your SharePoint 2010 Farm

Design a SharePoint 2010 Architecture from scratch and for a big company could be tricky.
How many frontend servers / applicative servers / query server would I need ?

Some tools exist :

HP Sizer for Microsoft SharePoint 2010

Screenshots :

It is really easy to understand how to use the software, here some screenshots,  :
Your first configure the project and the company type,

Configure the number of users for your SharePoint farm and user requests
Which features will they use the most ?
Which storage ?

And click on finish to see the magic appearing :


It even propose the CPU Type AMD :

Cherry on the cake : the price


Do you know any other tool, to help you to size SharePoint Farm ?

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