Convert javascript development to SPFX webpart for modern UI

The modern UI in office 365 requires sharepoint framework to customize some area.

In this tutorial I will explain how I have proceed to migrate a javascript mega menu to Spfx extension (the way for modern ui to add header, footer, or javascript as if it was your master page)

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How to be a more efficient, productive employee or developer ?

I will not demonstrate why an employee must be productive, as every job require this ability nowadays, without altering the quality of the work of course 🙂

I am wondering how could we increase the productivity and effiency with personal tool, what are the set of tools that anybody could have to achieve this ?

I share below my daily toolbox ! Some tools are only for developer but most of it could be used by any employee.

I shared some screenshots of One Note, which is for me my principle key tool.

Feel free to share your tools list.

My list:

  1. One Note (Take note, research for notes, access knowledge and procedure)
  2. PicPick (Screenshot a zone of the screen to clipboard)
  3. Keepass (Save Password and user name and quickly access it)
  4. Document collaboration : One Drive for business plugged on SharePoint 2013 (share the same version of the document and collaborate on it with colleagues)
  5. Franz / Slack (Franz : to access whatsapp, facebook messenger)
  6. Evernote (Take personal note)
  7. Wunderlist (Todo list for professional matter)
  8. Todoist (Todo list for personal matter)
  9. Spotify (Productivity software to play music :D)
  10. Visual Studio Code and notepad++ (IDE and text editor)
  11. Chrome Plugins :
    1. PostMan
    2. ColorPick Eyedropper (pick the color code from a page, for css)
  12. Learn new things :
    1. Twitter (Search for a technology, example TypeScript)
    3. Google
  13. Find solutions to problems or troubleshoot issues :
    1. Google
    2. Microsoft Forum

See some screenshots by reading more

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