SharePoint Conference 2019 #SPC19 Highlights Keynote

Here are some Sharepoint Conference 2019 highlights that I find interesting, watch those pics extracted for the Keynotes slides and demos.

Don’t hesitate to share your findings and exciting features you’ve seen !

Some numbers


Integrate OCR in an powerapps app, to categorize data


Home sites.pngIntroducing SharePoint home sites

A SharePoint home site is a communication site that is designed and designated to serve as the top portal in an organization. A communication site with some extra superpowers, so to speak”. 

” SharePoint home site, on the other hand, is an organization’s top portal. It’s a carefully crafted collection of news, content, conversations and video to deliver an engaging experience that reflects an organization’s voice, priorities and brand.”

User will get a button to go back to home.

Create a list from excel

Full Integration between sharepoint and teams


Organization templates – Easy to use document templates in libraries, and committed to delivering a more complete solution for managing templates across an organization.  Document templates are based on the existing content type infrastructure.

Automate site creation from template design .

PowerApps custom forms for document libraries.


One Drive

Request files



3D View



Improved Synch experience for large file (synch 1gb file change in 5sec)



For developers

Microsoft Graph Toolkit : set of web component leveraging graph API. It is web components technology behind. An example.

Image 031.png



Microsoft search in, One Drive, Bing, windows search bar




Source :

Search that works – wherever you’re working

Microsoft Search in Bing 

SharePoint home sites: a landing for your organization on the intelligent intranet

New updates and capabilities for developers at SharePoint Conference

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