SharePoint View Formatting Options

Following the article – Column Formatting options let’s have the same exercice for this feature View Formatting announced during SharePoint Conference 2018.

This is an extract of github as of 29/04/2019. It might get outdated as developers update github.

It turns lists view into more visual list of items, articles, anything you’d like.

Click the link on each title to access the detailed page.

First example (done by myself)


Image 5.png

To (for example)


What are the available options (from PNP developers) to format a view ? The full list is on this post 








Multi-line view rendering

SharePoint list with multi-line view customization




Allow to specify a class with a more simple syntax of json

“schema”: “”,
“additionalRowClass”: “=if([$Status] == ‘Done’, ‘sp-field-severity–good’, if([$Status] == ‘In progress’, ‘sp-field-severity–low’ ,if([$Status] == ‘In review’,’sp-field-severity–warning’, if([$Status] == ‘Blocked’,’sp-field-severity–blocked’, ”))”

Document Library Sample

Document Library Sample

Project Indicator – Risk Score Indicator

Color-coded ranges

Project Indicator – RYG Status Format

Color status field

Items in Tile Format

Color status field

Resource Catalog Sample


Resource Catalog Sample

Retail Account Sample

Retail Account Sample

Conditional formatting based on choice field

Formatting based on text field

ContentType Format


Conditional formatting based on a Choice field

SharePoint list with view formatted with conditional formatting

Alternating Rows

Alternating Rows

Birthday Row Format

Birthday Format Screenshot

Contact Card Row Format

Light and Dark Themes

Document Library Items in Tiles Format

Responsive Screenshot

Current User’s Rows (link 1)

Current User’s Rows (Using a Multi-Person Column) (link 2)

Light and Dark Themes

User Profile Card


Staff Rota Shifts View Format


Wrap up

The official source is github.

What have you used for so far ?



15 thoughts on “SharePoint View Formatting Options

Add yours

  1. Jeff, Jeff, Jeff,Jeff, Jeff – oh my goodness! What fabulous information and I’ve already used some of these codes. But — all I want to do is be able to have alternate rows shaded with colors of my choosing — only one color per list but I can’t seem to find something so simple anywhere!!! Are you able to help? Thanks so much! I’ve already placed this article where I can read it since it has some great info!


  2. Hello Jeff, Great article and thanks for posting. I am a JSON newbie and currently teaching myself. Do you have any examples like this….. I am trying to output a product catalog list into two column output. In each column, simply include a title, description, and “more” button. Thanks in advance! Rod


      1. Even Column formatting is limited. It does not support Excel like formulas. 😦
        Looks like the article is updated and SharePoint Server 2019 is removed from it. 🙂 Thanks for your help.

        Liked by 1 person

      1. Thanks, how to use the ‘Location’ Column in JSON, for example I have column “Event Location” with “Location” Data Type. I wants to use the City “Event Location: City” in the view.
        It didn’t work when used “txtContent”: “[$EventLocation:City]”.


  3. Hi Jeff. Thanks a lot for the info. Wanted to ask if we can covert one of the column to hyperlink to display all the items in the row (url as ……DispForm.aspx?ID=….). Something of the sort of (linked to item) in sharepoint on premise


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