How to connect to multiple tenants in Microsoft Teams ! The user friendly guide

So you have Teams for your own company, and your customer invites you as a guest to his tenant (Article – Expand your collaboration with guest access in Microsoft Teams). Or you are a vendor and work for multiple customers with different tenants accounts. So you want to use multiple Teams accounts at the same time.

At this moment (03 2018), Microsoft Teams Windows Client does not provide an easy way to switch between Teams within multiple office 365 tenants. You can be you are not notified each time you have a message so it makes it useless.

You might workaround by using the windows app for one Team and Chrome for an other Team but you might never check Chrome Teams messages…

I have found a handy way to workaround that, and the solution was in front of me every day but I did not see it !

SOLUTION : Set up Franz to use multiple Teams account

I use the Window app Franz to chat in the same window on whatsapp / facebook

messenger / tweeter (multiple accounts) etc.

Image 17.png

Franz has a lot of handy connection to most popular chat tools

Image 18 z.png

And guess what ? There is one for teams too


So simply download franz

Add as many Teams service as you have of office 365 tenant, allowing to run multiple instance of Teams within the same Franz Window !

Connect to your tenant, select the guest tenant.

You’ll get notified whenever you have a message in you windows bar

teams 2 accounts.png

An other way (more geeky) :

An other way (my favorite) – Chrome Profile or Edge Profile:

Create Chrome or Edge Profile, for each profile you connect to a different Teams account

Image 2.png

Wrap up

You can now chat in multiple tenant Teams and you don’t need the Windows Team app anymore!! The downside is that the windows app is more convenient… waiting for Microsoft to release this feature.

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