SharePoint Framework – Update Existing Webpart and Troubleshooting errors

I did not find documented way to updated existing app, this is the ways I have found, please let me know if there are other faster ways

To further update the webpart code in SPFX

  1. gulp –ship
  2. gulp package-solution –ship
  3. gulp deploy-azure-storage
  4. Drag and drop the helloworld-webpart.sppkg file to the app catalog

If you need to change the webpart json, for example in case of wrong URL Storage in azure

  1. Open package-solution.json, change the version number
  2. gulp –ship
  3. gulp package-solution –ship
  4. gulp deploy-azure-storage
  5. Remove the app
  6. Drag and drop the solution file to app catalog
  7. Add a page or edit the existing one where is your webpart
  8. Re add the webpart


Error Resolution Explanation
No manifests were found in ‘temp\deploy\*.json’. Ensure a build has completed successfully and that paths.manifestsMatch is correct gulp –ship Deploy folder is missing in temp
There was a network problem. This may be a problem with a HTTPS certificate. Make sure you have the right certificate. Ensure your url in write-manifests.json is correct

Then save

gulp clean

gulp –ship

Gulp package-solution ship


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