[SharePoint 2013] Features overview for Developpers

Microsoft Published (now it’s deleted), a features overview for developpers


•         Provide an overview of the new features, functional areas, and product enhancements in SharePoint 15.
•         Summarize the key features of the SharePoint 15 application development platform and describe the key features of Marketplaces.
•         Explain what a SharePoint-Hosted app is, and describe how to build a SharePoint-Hosted app.
•         Explain what a Cloud-Hosted app is, and describe how to build a Cloud-Hosted app.
•         Describe how developers extend Office Application user interfaces by creating Agaves and publishing them in different catalogs.
•         Describe how to create and code a simple Agave that interacts with document content.
•         Describe improvements in Manage Metadata Services, Enterprise Content Management and Web Content Management in SharePoint 15.
•         Describe the new social networking functionality available to SharePoint 15 App developers.
•         Describe how the new capabilities of the SharePoint Search engine can be used in SharePoint Apps.
•         Describe how to query the index from a SharePoint-Hosted app using CSOM.


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