How to setup Microsoft Teams ? Comment installer Microsoft Teams

Article en anglais, puis plus bas en français If you are an individual you can get teams for free following this tutorial. For companies, that will be covered in my next post. This tool is good for you if you also want to share and collaborate documents with your team, use visio conference, chat, share... Continue Reading →

PowerApps Portals – Overview

Mid 2019 Microsoft announced PowerApps Portals, Engage with external customers and partners Give internal and external users secure access to your data either anonymously or through commercial authentication providers like LinkedIn, Microsoft, Facebook, and Google, or enterprise providers such as Azure AD B2C and Okta. Set authentication requirements, customize data for each user, and allow users... Continue Reading →

SharePoint 2019 – What is in it ?

Gokan Ozcifci, MVP & Microsoft Director has published a really useful infographic about what is in SharePoint 2019, what is deprecated and what is new : Do not hesitate to print it as a reminder when people ask you what is new in SharePoint 2019 and what has disappeared.

Microsoft Teams – Modern Authentication

Context Suddenly Microsoft Teams Windows client stopped connecting and shows a white page instead or logging in. Quitting or rebooting teams did not solve the issue. NO ADFS is in place Azure AD Connect is in place with Seamless Single Sign-on enabled Resolution Seems that Teams modern authentication is linked to internet explorer settings. IE... Continue Reading →

SharePoint View Formatting Options

Following the article - Column Formatting options let's have the same exercise for this feature View Formatting announced during SharePoint Conference 2018. This is a summary of the GitHub repository to format SharePoint Online View as of 19/02/2019. It might get outdated as developers update GitHub. It turns lists view into more visual list of items,... Continue Reading →

Available WebParts in SharePoint 2019 Preview vs Office 365

Below a comparaison of available SharePoint 2019 webparts and Office 365 WebParts available in SharePoint 2019 Preview Missing WebParts compared to Office 365 (As of 02 08 2018 in SharePoint 2019 Preview) Category Text, media, and content Kindle instant preview Category Discovery Sites Category Communication and collaboration Group Calendar Microsoft Forms Twitter Category Planning and... Continue Reading →

Top 10 reasons why I hate Office 365

Things can be achieved in dozen different ways, we've gotta understand pros and cons There are dozen tools to learn from As a developer you’ve get to learn modern languages There are thousand of videos to watch and blog articles to read from The community is huge so there is too much creativity to be... Continue Reading →

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