How to hide SharePoint Online Launcher (Tiles) menu using SPFX

Objective Assuming you want to customize an Office 365 SharePoint Online or SharePoint 2019 Intranet, you have your own MegaMenu so you want to hide the SharePoint Tiles. How to This is achievable (unsupported by Microsoft though) by using an SPFX Extension. Part of the SPFX code, inside the onInit() method : @override public onInit():... Continue Reading →


SharePoint 2019 – What is in it ?

Gokan Ozcifci, MVP & Microsoft Director has published a really useful infographic about what is in SharePoint 2019, what is deprecated and what is new : Do not hesitate to print it as a reminder when people ask you what is new in SharePoint 2019 and what has disappeared.

Microsoft Teams – Modern Authentication

Context Suddenly Microsoft Teams Windows client stopped connecting and shows a white page instead or logging in. Quitting or rebooting teams did not solve the issue. NO ADFS is in place Azure AD Connect is in place with Seamless Single Sign-on enabled Resolution Seems that Teams modern authentication is linked to internet explorer settings. IE... Continue Reading →

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