Channel vs Chat ? When to use what in Microsoft Teams

When Microsoft Teams Users tend to chat privately naturally, using the conversation feature, some guidance shall be provided. Summary of some important features : Channels are public to the team, conversation are privated to their members. A Channel message do not notifies users by default, conversations do. Chat history is shown automatically in a channel... Continue Reading →


Does Office 365, hosted by Microsoft requires a data backup solution ?

In short : Yes Long answer Microsoft primary responsibility is to provide an up and running infrastructure in the cloud. They do have data protection system but it doesn't totally cover every risks that can affect your data. Source Knowing that most of causes of data loss are caused by human actions And that Office... Continue Reading →

Microsoft Teams – Modern Authentication

Context Suddenly Microsoft Teams Windows client stopped connecting and shows a white page instead or logging in. Quitting or rebooting teams did not solve the issue. NO ADFS is in place Azure AD Connect is in place with Seamless Single Sign-on enabled Resolution Seems that Teams modern authentication is linked to internet explorer settings. IE... Continue Reading →

SharePoint View Formatting Options

Following the article - Column Formatting options┬álet's have the same exercice for this feature View Formatting announced during SharePoint Conference 2018. This is an extract of github as of 30/01/2019. It might get outdated as developers update github. It turns lists view into more visual list of items, articles, anything you'd like. Click the link... Continue Reading →

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